This is an innovative health and fitness mobile app for people to find professional trainers. MyTrainerGPS is ready to download from App Store and it is best app for health, wellness and fitness professionals who want to provide their services to peoples. Its unique listing and matching functionality help you find the right fitness trainer in local area with perfect skills and hourly rates.

TrainerGPS App has the Following Features

  • Trainer can setup their detailed resume and make them available in the App for people to search.
  • Trainees and trainer can quickly login into the app.
  • Trainees can set their fitness preferences to find best match.
  • Trainees can search nearby fitness professionals/trainers.
  • App is integrated with specially designed algorithm to provide best match results.
  • App has a list of beginner to advanced level trainers listing.
  • Trainees can access list view as well as mapview of Trainers.
  • Trainees can select Trainers based on gender, physical goals, preferred trainer level and location.
  • Trainees can contact trainers via email or phone number available on their profile page.
  • Most exercisers looking to hire compatible, knowledgeable trainer find it very difficult to hire a suitable trainer. Client came up with this issue and asked Simpalm to develop a new mobile app that precisely provides best matches based upon the location and rates.
  • We gave them robust solution by developing app with integrated location based services and match making algorithm to easily connect peoples with fitness trainers. MyTrainerGPS can connect Trainers and exercisers in the real time based upon the profile settings.